One of the keys ways in which we can achieve our goal of pest eradication in the local area is by encouraging 1 in 5 households to use pest eradication techniques such as traps on their property. We have a stock of traps that can be provided to the community free of charge to assist with this. If you are keen to help eradicate pests in our area and help bring back native birds such as the Korimako (Bellbird) or Kaka to our area, please apply to receive a trap. 

Register for a free trap

Fill out the form to register to receive a trap on a loan system. The trap is yours to use as long as you are monitoring it and recording your progress on the EcoTrack App.

Best practice pest animal control methodology document

The Auckland Council ‘Pest Animal Guidelines’ & ‘Pest Animal Control planning template’ are further tools for your use when deciding which control tool to use & when.
This guide is to explain the pulsing programmes behind the various control tools recommended within these guidelines. The methodology is tailored for overall biodiversity gain for an area, & is aimed at targeting control prior & over the bird breeding season.

Need some more advice about trapping?

When you collect your trap, you'll receive a flyer outlining the best ways to check what kind of pests are living in your area as well as how to pre-bait and then maintain optimum trapping methods. You can also get advice via the Conservation Auckland/Kitiaki Tamaki Makaurau website .


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