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Young People

Young people have so much to offer our community and at the Takapuna North Community Trust we are always striving to help our young people grow and flourish.  We are proud to be able to work with many young people in our community to engage them in activities and opportunities and to help ensure that they have a voice.

​Intergenerational Dialogue

Each year, we hold an Intergenerational Dialogue event which brings together older adults and high school students to discuss and find solutions for local issues. One of the issues discussed at the 2018 event was around mental health and technology use amongst young people. The winning solution was to hold an event which encouraged young people to reconnect with each other in a physical space through creativity. The youth group that formed as a result of the Intergenerational Dialogue event has become an ongoing group which hold youth markets and are constantly looking for new ways to contribute to their community.

Creative Youth

Our current youth group, Creative Youth, was formed from an Intergenerational Dialogue event. The group held a series of Creative Hubs and the Young Designers’ and Creators Market which were designed to encourage young people to connect with each other through creativity to help improve mental health - see more on their instagram. For more information about the Youth market or to get involved, email:  

They also volunteer regularly at our events including at our annual Charlie’s Play date event and at the annual Glow Disco.

Glow Disco

The Glow Disco is led by young people from Wairau Valley Special School Transition Centre and is an evening out for people with special needs. The young people from the transition centre design the event and we help facilitate it. It’s a very fun event!


Takapuna North Community Trust Programmes include the annual Converge event (a conference-style leadership forum for Year 10 high school students). Converge is a collaboration between Kaipatiki Community Facilities Trust; Devonport Peninsula Trust and Takapuna North Community Trust. The students who attend this forum go on to lead an event or programme in their local community. In February 2020, the Converge youth group for Takapuna North worked together to deliver a youth led music event called Takachella. The event showcased local youth musical talent and featured a pop up Creative Youth Market.

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