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The Takapuna North Community Trust supports community development from Hauraki corner to Sunnynook. Our mission is to ensure all members of our community love where they live.

We are supported by the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board and Auckland Council. Our trustees are volunteers and we employ the Trust Manager, Sarah Thorne. We have a fantastic team supporting our work including Project Coordinator, Roanna Pine; Events Team Leader, Elle Handisides and a great team of Summer and Winter Fun events assistants. We also support the Pupuke Birdsong Project.

The Trust provides community development services on a local level from Hauraki Corner to Sunnynook, east of State Highway 1. There are two community trusts providing services to the community in the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board area. The Devonport Community Coordinator and Devonport Peninsula Trust support the area south of Hauraki.

How can we help?

Takapuna North Community Trust partners with Devonport-Takapuna Local Board to provide community development and a variety of programmes, events and projects in the Takapuna North area. We support individuals at a neighbourhood level as well as a wide variety of community groups by:

  • Providing advice and/or assistance with funding and promotion
  • Sharing news and raising awareness of important community issues
  • Connecting people with relevant Auckland Council staff and others in the community
  • Providing the community with a voice and supporting emerging new initiatives
  • We run a number of local community programmes and events to help create a sense of belonging and connectedness and to promote our open spaces, heritage, environment and communities.


“Hi Sarah - from the bottom of my heart a huge thank you for the opportunity of participating in the Intergenerational Dialogue held recently - I really enjoyed the day talking to such amazing people. Thank you seems so inadequate - the effort you and your team put into the day was awesome.  The world is a better place because of people like you in it.” - Marilyn Glover QSM

"The Takapuna North Community Trust and Takapuna Community Coordinator have been a huge support to Younite (the Devonport-Takapuna Youth Board). Together we've been able to work on connecting with youth from across the community, and their help has been invaluable for hearing about and working on activities and issues that youth care about." - Freddie Voit. Younite

"The TNCT has always been very supportive of the Sunnynook Community Association. The Trust has been instrumental in ensuring the goals of the SCA are achieved through helping with advice and on the ground support, and most importantly help funding many of our projects. Having a supportive community is what makes volunteering worthwhile." - Tabitha Becroft, Sunnynook Community Association and Lyford Reserve Restoration

"I started my project in late 2013 and had a clear goal of what I wanted to achieve, but as it progressed I floundered a bit, not knowing how to finalize everything. Fortunately I attended one of Takapuna North Community Trusts Network meetings and found that they could assist me organizing funding, Council approval, brochure printing, payments etc. Sarah Thorne was invaluable in assisting my project and if there is one thing that I regret, it is not approaching her and the Trust earlier. I highly recommend their assistance if you are organizing a local project." - Gavin Sheehan, Project Coordinator, Takapuna/Milford/Forrest Hill WW1 Street Name Plaques + Heritage Trail

"I met Sarah when I returned to Auckland from Vancouver in 2017 and was keen to start a weekly boogie session in Takapuna. Sarah immediately helped me set up a Facebook page and decide where and when to begin Sal's Boogie Sessions.  We also worked with other Older People's Networks and I took part in the Intergenerational and other Exhibitions. I cannot adequately express what a blessing Sarah's enthusiasm, intelligence, generous time sharing and humour has been and  is to our Takapuna community." - Sally-Ann Rose-Innes, Super Sal's Boogie Session

Milford Residents Association has huge respect for Sarah Thorne and the Takapuna North Community Trust and appreciates the significant work they do in our local community. Over the years, the Trust has regularly contributed enthusiasm and practical help for Association events like our Wairau Estuary community clean-ups and our Auckland Heritage Festival exhibitions. We value the way Sarah brings community groups together through informal networks. An example of what can result is the inspirational North Shore Birdsong Project which grew out of the Takapuna North Environmental Network fostered by Sarah and the Trust. Debbie Dunsford and Norma Bott, Milford Residents Association

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