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Learn how to make a cat clown collar

Click on the button to download instructions for how to make a cat clown collar. These collars are great for protecting our native birds as it allows them to see the cat coming. Plus your cat looks super cute too!

Make a Nectar birdfeeder

In early Spring, food for our native birds can be scarce. You can make a simple sugar water feeder for them by following the instructions on the file above or visiting our 'It takes a village' Facebook page and watching the video.

Make a pinecone birdfeeder

This is a fun thing to do if you find pinecones on your walk and birds that like to eat seeds will love it. 

Make a tracking tunnel

Find out what sort of creatures are in your garden. If you find pests that might be hurting our native wildlife are living in the garden, you can get a free trap from us by emailing us on

Make your own beeswax wrap

Pick some cool cotton fabric and make a beeswax wrap to use instead of plastic wrap. They look amazing and are great for the planet too.

Make a quilled paper picture

Make a beautiful quilled paper picture using recycling (or any card stock you have).


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